Healthy Miami Magazine

Dr. Abella is an advisor for Healthy Miami Magazine. He was also featured in the Healthy Hearts sections of Healthy Miami January 2017 Edition.

Indulge Magazine

Dr. Abella appeared in Indulge, a publication of the Miami Herald.

Abella Heart Was Featured in The Miami Herald April 2017

Dr. Abella appeared in an Educational Vein Health Campaign in The Miami Herald.

Let’s Get Ready For Summer

Dr. Abella appeared in a series of Vein Health Marketing Campaigns Pre & Summer Seasons.

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Miami Herald

Ask Dr. Abella/Vein Health Column debuts in the Health Section of Tropical Life of Miami Herald.

Dr. Abella was featured in the Digital Magazine

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Naples Daily News

Dr. Abella appeared in the Naples Daily News.

When to See a Doctor about Leg Pain

At some time or another, everyone experiences leg pain, cramps, and charley horses. No matter what you call it, leg pain is usually not serious. Most of the time, it is caused by inactivity or dehydration. Sometimes, however, cramps and leg pain occur frequently,...

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How to Eat Well after a Heart Attack

Diet and exercise directly affect the level of your health. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is always important to preserving health. For individuals with cardiovascular disease, however, a healthy lifestyle could protect them from suffering a serious cardiac...

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When Is It Time for a Stress Test?

Sometimes called exercise stress tests or treadmill tests, a stress test is a type of physical examination that monitors the way a patient’s heart works during physical activity. Since the heart has to pump blood faster and harder during exercise, monitoring this type...

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