Healthy Miami Magazine

Dr. Abella is an advisor for Healthy Miami Magazine. He was also featured in the Healthy Hearts sections of Healthy Miami January 2017 Edition.

Indulge Magazine

Dr. Abella appeared in Indulge, a publication of the Miami Herald.

Abella Heart Was Featured in The Miami Herald April 2017

Dr. Abella appeared in an Educational Vein Health Campaign in The Miami Herald.

Let’s Get Ready For Summer

Dr. Abella appeared in a series of Vein Health Marketing Campaigns Pre & Summer Seasons.

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Miami Herald

Ask Dr. Abella/Vein Health Column debuts in the Health Section of Tropical Life of Miami Herald.

Dr. Abella was featured in the Digital Magazine

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Naples Daily News

Dr. Abella appeared in the Naples Daily News.

Venous Insufficiency Ulcers

Venous insufficiency has a variety of symptoms, one of the worst being venous ulcers. Venous ulcers have several names, including stasis, insufficiency, or varicose ulcers. What do venous ulcers look like? There are a few different stages of venous insufficiency...

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Leg Cramps and Venous Disease

Almost all of us have experienced a painful tightening of the calf muscles, which is called a cramp. Also called charley horses, these unpleasant experiences often come about during exercise, but can also happen as a result of venous disease and other health...

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Treatments for Venous Insufficiency

Valves in your veins must function properly if a person is to have good circulatory health. But a surprising amount of people have a problem with malfunctioning valves, most commonly valves in the legs. In fact, an estimated 40% of the US population is thought to be...

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Why is My Skin Changing?

Varicose Disease, Swelling, Skin Changes and Ulcers A high percentage of people suffer from some form of varicose disease, and unfortunately, a high percentage of those with the disease don’t do anything about it. Often, symptoms like leg heaviness and slight pain are...

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