Healthy Miami Magazine

Dr. Abella is an advisor for Healthy Miami Magazine. He was also featured in the Healthy Hearts sections of Healthy Miami January 2017 Edition.

Indulge Magazine

Dr. Abella appeared in Indulge, a publication of the Miami Herald.

Abella Heart Was Featured in The Miami Herald April 2017

Dr. Abella appeared in an Educational Vein Health Campaign in The Miami Herald.

Let’s Get Ready For Summer

Dr. Abella appeared in a series of Vein Health Marketing Campaigns Pre & Summer Seasons.

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Miami Herald

Ask Dr. Abella/Vein Health Column debuts in the Health Section of Tropical Life of Miami Herald.

Dr. Abella was featured in the Digital Magazine

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Naples Daily News

Dr. Abella appeared in the Naples Daily News.

Age Gracefully, Live Vitally

Lucky you, you get to age however you like! Technology is on your side, in case genetics, stress, lifestyle choices or sun exposure have not been. We live in a time when cosmetic procedures are more plentiful and accessible than ever before. You can abstain from...

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Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest?

Do you know the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest? Are you even aware there is a difference between them? Being able to distinguish the signs and symptoms may help you to prevent a fatal event. When it comes to your cardiac health, knowledge is...

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Deep Vein Thrombosis: Know the Risks

Vein disease is a serious health concern that can be life-threatening. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) results when a blood clot forms in a deep vein in your body, typically in the thighs or lower legs. It can cause pain and swelling but can also occur without symptoms....

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